Easy Pha-max owns every step of the process of producing wheatgrass products and has won numerous awards both for its unique farming and processing techniques.

The Production of Wheatgrass

  • Wheatgrass is grown indoors. Our wheatgrass is grown in a sterile, air-conditioned environment to guarantee that the products are 100% pollution free and are growing in optimal conditions.
  • We use only organic nutrients to feed and nourish our wheatgrass. Nutrients are developed in our laboratories using only organic raw materials. This ensures that our wheatgrass is fed with balanced and complete plant meals.
  • We grow wheatgrass Aeroponically. This means we don’t use soil to grow our wheatgrass. This method allows us to use both the leaves and roots and provides the consumer with 100% WHEATGRASS
  • Careful high-tech processing. After the wheatgrass is harvested on the 8th day, it is dehydrated using cold air through a centrifugation system and then turned into super-fine powder. This keeps all of the nutrients intact and available to the consumer.
  • 100% Wheatgrass in every sachet. The powder is placed in sachets and vacuum-sealed. Easy Pha-max is unique in that we provide our customers ALL of the wheatgrass that is, the leaves and the roots.

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Growing Step

Wheatgrass Seeds & Grains

Wheatgrass Grow Indoor in a Pollution Free

Wheatgrass Fully Grown in 8 Days

Fresh Wheatgrass  with Roots

Wheatgrass Cool Drying Process

Wheatgrass Grinding Machine

Wheatgrass Quality Control

Orgainc Wheatgrass Powder

One pound of fresh Easy Pha-max wheatgrass with leaves and roots goes into every 2g sachet of wheatgrass powder. This is the most amount of fresh wheatgrass per serving that you will find anywhere in the market. The fresh wheatgrass is dried and processed through centrifugation and turned into a fine powder for ease of consumption and the convenience of our consumers.

Wheatgrass From Growing From Seeds to Shelf


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