Video Testimonial for the Wheatgrass Powder and So Easy Nutri-Supplement System.

Loraine Eliott – USA

"My career with wheatgrass involves working with Dr. Ann Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 1976. After working for 6 years in the center combining raw food and wheatgrass, we improved the health of 52 patients with different health problems. In February 2008 my wife and I came across Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products and that’s when we made the change. My wife, Ellie Dagon has lost 10lbs., she no longer has migraines and is able to sleep better at night. I have found this wheatgrass to be millions better than any other wheatgrass out there, especially when I found out that Easy Pha-max wheatgrass includes the roots. We are so thankful to Easy Pha-max wheatgrass, our health improved and we are helping others to do the same."

Jay Pendergast – Arizona, USA

"September 2007 was the beginning of my life changing experience with Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products. I had no idea how great the products are. I have lost 40 pounds and still losing. I feel the weight loss is secondary to how much better I feel. I had pain in my ribs that made it hard for me to play with my 2 young grandchildren. I can now play with and carry them without pain. I also had pain in my feet and could not wear close toe shoes, now I can without pain. I have so much more energy and stamina now that I didn’t have before. Last year at this time I was not looking forward to being another year older. Now at age 63, I am anxious to see what my life with wheatgrass has in store for me."

Sue Lewis – California, USA

"I love this wheatgrass, I love the company! It is my life. I feel fabulous and determined to fight any disease. As one top cancer researcher at City of Hope medical center said to me "good for you, prevention is the answer". It is so rewarding to see how these products change peoples lives, and also introducing it to others watching them grow and develop and experience global activities. In eight months my husband and I have seen China, Malaysia and the Philippines meeting people from around the world learning from top herbalist. I share the products not sell. When you truly love and believe and something we are sharing every day. Walk it, talk it, believe it and it will happen. Thanks to Easy Pha-Max for giving us the finest bio-technology products the world has to offer. Health is Wealth!"

Antoinette Klinakis – California, USA

"Riding atop 1,000-point thoroughbred race horses day after day, and year after year for 40 years requires strength, energy and stamina. Throughout my career I was fortunate to have won the Kentucky Derby, the Belmot Stakes, the Breeders Cup, the Shoemaker as the jockey with the most career wins. My daily use of wheatgrass gave me the energy and strength I needed to successfully compete all the way into my fifties, against people half my age! Having never endorsed any products in my career I ask you now to join me in taking charge of the most important aspect of our lives, your health. With Wheatgrass, help revitalize and transform the level of your physical health, energy and vitality."

Laffit Pincay – California, USA

"My name is Parvin Hamedani and I found out I had a very rare cancer. Only 14 other cases have been known. Mine was the only one in the head. Doctors are doing lot of documentation on my cancer.
I have had surgery, completed 28 sessions of radiation and it was during those times I met Barb and Ken, a great couple. I knew about wheat grass and I wanted to start taking it to bring up my energy and alkaline levels and balance my body.
I bought a box of wheatgrass from them which comes individually packaged. I started taking it and after a week my energy level came up and my alkaline was balanced. Before I started on the wheat grass my energy level was low and my immune system was down.
I thank God and nature for the necessary help that I needed to build up my immune system and bring my energy level to this point, that my cancer is gone and I am on the road to a full recovery. "

Parvin Hamedani – Phoenix Arizona

"I am 67 years old and have been diabetic for 22 years. My vision was very bad, and as God knows, I am writing this testimonial without glasses. I couldn’t believe that by drinking a glass of Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass juice, every morning on an empty stomach, was going to help me solve my vision and circulation problems in my legs and toes and after taking Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass for three months my doctor took me off my Insulin. Thanks to God for showing me about this product that is giving me energy and a better way of living. "

Stella Rodriquez – Phoenix Arizona

"We have found that since we got on the wheatgrass program we have much more energy. We recently went on a trip and I forgot to pack my wheatgrass. I really missed the energy that I had when I was taking it at home. When I got back from the trip I started taking my wheatgrass again and I am now back to my energetic self. "

Stephanie & Steve Fullerton – Phoenix Arizona

"Hi, my name is Ron White. I’m a retired airline pilot living in Chattanooga, TN. Before being introduced to wheatgrass and Easy Pha-max, I had always considered myself to be a very healthy person except for occasional digestive issues. I have known for years that our "modern American diet" (MAD) is loaded with harmful toxins but did not know how to rid my body of this problem. With Easy Pha-max, I found an amazing product—the Kenko Takara "detox foot patch". The first morning after applying the patches, the color was dark brown (almost black) and very sticky with a foul odor. That color became a medium brown by the fifth day. That just gave me visible proof of the power the the product in removing harmful toxins from my body. I have more energy now and sleep more soundly. I will continue to drink my wheatgrass daily and conduct a detox on a monthly basis."

Ron White – Tennessee, USA


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